Peanut Butter Emotions

Okay. So. I’ve decided to start baking, and not just open-the-box-add-this kind of baking.
I’m talking about that kind of baking that deserves bragging rights because it’s from scratch.

Tonight’s (experiment) will be simple. I’ll be making and baking Peanut Butter cookies. See? Simple.

Here we go…

Well, hey there ingredients.

Adding the brown sugar!

Mix like my life depends on it.

And the best part is that they actually tasted fantastic.

I truly enjoyed this experience, and it was fun to bake the crap out of my emotions.

I’d like to thank my Twitter babes for keeping me entertained along the way:
@crystaltao @ranndomjoy @nikdval @alngfrd @danae_michele @Lindsayhorwood
It’s so fun to be a lady and to be able to do these little things.

Oh, and the Bulls won. Amen.

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