Sunshine all over again

Today has been so wonderful. I could prepare a list. I could draw a chart. I could take a million pictures, but that still would not portray the internal excitement that I felt as my little brother sent a midnight text saying he was coming home for a visit. There are truly not enough words to forge the thankfulness from my mouth, my mind, my heart for how God formed this.

Only some know the story of my brother
, and some have read the battles that I write out. To begin opening the story of how it felt to hug him today, to hear his voice, to bring some sort of normality back to this part of my life – these are pockets that no words could ever fill. What I do know is that God is such a wonderful storyteller. He is such an artist; a weaver of all things beautiful. Today I saw another thread being fed through. Whatever pain may still come, whatever bridges have yet to be crossed, it is a comfort, a joy to know that God is still working.

Basically, today would be like discovering sunshine all over again.

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