Worth it.

All I have been hearing about is being “self-aware”. I am drowning in those words in my Human Services class and then being dunked under again in my Leadership class. There is also this obvious push within me to become self-aware; to be honest with myself and with God and how I am feeling. My latest posts reflect that.

There are situations, people and occurrences that are taking flight or finding ground.

There are days when I feel this static towards what is forming, like a limb finding blood again.

But… I am so excited.

I love the pruning, the growing and the learning more than I have in a long time.

So, here’s to the self-awareness. Here is to transformation in myself and in those around me, and to every single battle that has yet to be fought. Here is your reminder, Breanna, that this will all be worth it.

Well, and you, too, Reader. So worth it.

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