Wide-eyed, Jaw-clenched Grace

I was lying in bed this morning, just rummaging through my thoughts. I started mulling over the decisions I’ve made, where those decisions had and have ultimately led, and what all I would take back. I then began to wonder…

What if we all carried a small suitcase that held every single decision we will ever make? Do you think that we would be more careful, more wiser, more considerate with what was added? And what if within our small suitcase we had a small pouch? And within that pouch held words dressed in their Sunday best, all kind and ready to present themselves to the receiver?  How often would we use them? 

Perhaps we will never know. Living on the edge of the cliff seems reasonable. We would rather carry around 50,000 questionable, suitcased decisions, and a pouch full of words covered in spikes. Nevertheless, the day will come when we set our suitcase down and beg to have buckets of wide-eyed, jaw-clenched grace outweigh all that we have done. And the craziest thing, I thought, is that the devotion of such a Being leads to their willingness to take their suitcase of perfect decisions and their pouch of lovely words and replace ours with theirs.

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