Life Lately

Life has been good. Though the busyness of it all seems overwhelming, between working and school, life has been really good.

In the past couple of months, I have grown in my friendships with some amazing people. I have fallen more in love with the church that I attend. I have hiked the Denver mountains.

I have decided to make the move to Chicago. I have seen the goodness in recovering from a tickle of heartache. I have seen the real beauty in people – despite people. I have watched a really great, really beautiful friend become engaged to a really great guy. I have been overwhelmingly overjoyed with this life that I have been given.

And why not? God has granted us X amount of days. So given the way we decide to carry our X – with confidence or with trudging fear – determines the adjective we assign to our life.

So I’ve learned to see the colors He’s assigned. To take the chaos in strides. To guard my energy (perhaps some of the best advice ever given to me). And to appreciate all that’s around me.

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