Kye Kye – Walking This

There are certain songs out there that expel truth. I started playing Kye Kye tonight and overheard some words more clearly than usual. I then decided to look up the lyrics to Walking This:

Closest friend, I’m lost in love.
To know what you’ve done and why it’s solved.
This perfect love, I’m dressed in grace.
To hear your voice in truth displayed.

Elude myself my heart aligned.
Weightless steps, wind through the chimes.
Know who I am, through you I find peace of mind.

I’m a river that’s meant for flowing.
I’m a moon that’s meant for lighting the night.
I’m the wind that’s loud and soaring.
I’m a tree that’s tall and growing.
I’m a fire that lights whatever’s in sight.
I’m the rain that’s fast and pouring.

Tamed tongue, you’re the words in my head.
You’re a soft drum I hear, I can’t wait.
I’m nourished by the steps that I take.
I find it in the way that you gave, you gave.

And this is what is on repeat for my ears, my eyes, my heart, my mind, my soul. It is so necessary to read these truths, and to understand who God says He is through the medium of music.

Scripture references to the lyrics can be found here.


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