There is so much that is happening inside. So many emotions that are mixing, including the utter reality of attempting to condense my 23 years into a smaller room. Really praying that this is all possible…

But as I’m tearing down my room, I’m finding the treasures between the nooks (old notes, lost jewelry and the like) and I’m discovering the sadness of bare walls. Although I know that all of my things will find new nooks and new walls, there is still a sadness in seeing a part of my story coming to a close. Even if it’s in the symbolic way of pulling down the picture and taking the nail out of the wall – this chapter is finishing out.

I’m now sitting and soaking it all in. These next two days will be spent working on the first page of this new chapter; this new season.  So how can I pretend that I’m not excited? Though I daily remind myself that I’m not moving into some brighter, unrealistic world, I do know that I am more than excited as I pray and ask a good God for His provision over this new season. It’s beyond me how this story keeps getting exciting, but He knows.

More than anything, I’m thankful. I’m thankful for the way He continues to be so patient with me, never growing too tired of using the eraser or even pulling out a new sheet of paper. He has written in all the right people at all the right times. How do I deserve this? He is good.

Here is to beginning on a new chapter, and to learning more about myself and Him.

I love this process of becoming.

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