“In them you will find Me.”

Pan out. Looking down.
I’m standing on Madison St. downtown.
There is no movement but my own.
I find and see stillness of all but those with signs or cups or both.
I see open hands and upward stares.

This is an image I received one night when I was talking with God. I’ve wondered why I’ve been given a job that’s in the heart of a busy city. What role do I play in this? He showed me.

And it’s so strange what happens when you take your headphones off. There is such a stillness between the brush of coats on hurried people and the sounds of cars passing on the streets so close to us. The only real distinct noises I can really make out are those of cups with change rattling within.

What I’m trying to say is that between the hearing and the seeing, I am doing nothing. This has turned into such a burden that I feel like I’m wounded. Like, if I don’t do something soon, I will bleed to death. So it is only appropriate that I stepped into a church service today where Jarrett spoke on poverty and God’s desire for our compassion (“to be with the suffering”) towards those who are the least of these.

I have been reminded and I have been challenged:

“In them you will find me.”

And it is filling.

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