(Realistic) Resolutions for 2013

Whenever a new year rolls around, I begin to feel that pressure to pursue some unrealistic resolution(s). There is only one distinct time that I recall an expectation for myself that year, and it was the only one that has proven to be a reality. (It also took way more than a year, but I finally, eventually, started following Jesus.) This past year I walked in resolution-less and I am now walking out wide-eyed and a little confused if I should at least set some bar for myself.

Which brings me to my two resolutions for the year 2013. These two resolutions really only occurred to me some time yesterday as I sat at work and thought back on the year I’m leaving behind – all that I loved, regretted, wished for. I felt that all the “love, regretted and wished for” summed up the two things I truly want to pursue this year …

1. Becoming a better cook and then cooking more.
2. Starting a book blog.

Obviously I have decided to set extremely realistic expectations of myself. My cooking bone had really only started its formation within me when I moved out of my parents house in June of last year. I’ve learned to cook without poisoning myself, and that unsuspecting foods can taste great together. Therefore, I want to get better at this. I want to experiment and I want to be excited that I prepared a great meal without any deaths being reported afterward. 2013 is my year to do so.  I’m also surrounded by amazing cooks, so a phone call their way is helpful.

The second resolution comes from a desire that started well over a year ago. I heard from a few friends that they would love to see a community book blog with open contributing. The blog would consist of book reviews and book recommendations that range from all different genres. I am a book worm and I would love to be able to say that this blog sparked someone’s love for reading. Even if it’s a coloring book with words – what ever! Someone is reading!

I post these resolutions/dreams/hopes for this year for your eyes because I really do want these to become a reality. I am one who needs great accountability when it comes to a pursuit of a dream – even tiny ones such as these. So I want to let this blog serve as accountability to myself in this coming year.

Lastly, if you have set any resolutions for yourself, my prayer is that the pressure to become someone else or to do something new and great is not the focus. Too often the pressure to have dreams, big or small, become reality can actually become a distraction. The pressure only remains if you allow it to. Have fun with and in the process of your resolutions/dreams/hopes this year.

P.S. If you’re a cook and/or book nerd, let’s talk!

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