Goodbye, Sunshine.

Milk & Honey – 6.7.13

Friday morning started out with a breakfast with two of my sweet girl friends. We spoke of upcoming seasons in our lives with fresh excitement, and a few “I don’t know, but we’ll see’s” sprinkled in. I’m writing now with an understanding of this particular early morning and how God’s tender guidance is leading us each into something new.

Whether returning to school, taking on an entire country completely alone, job transitions or moving back to the state you really call “home,” I can see one season of life ending for each of us and another starting up with great expectation … and a bit of innocent wonder if it will all work out.

I could ramble on about how I’m returning to school (like, I totally wrote this), but I think I would rather speak on a life that entered mine earlier this year, and of her impending adventure back to the place she calls home – Seattle.

If you know Sonja, you know of her cute, blonde pixie cut that shades a pair of blue eyes and rosy cheeks. If you really know Sonja, you know she’s vibrant, life-giving, shimmy-giving, noodle-dancing funny, and perhaps the most
spontaneous person you’re to ever meet. And this is the life that Chicago is losing come the close of June.

Though she has only been my roommate since February, I can truly say that this girl has been inspiring. She embodies coziness, yet finds ways to be adventurous. Her days off are bound to end with a story that only leather-bound journals can hold as a treasure. Her heart is tied to the heart of God so beautifully, that the lives she encounters can find no fault. She has no shame in honesty, because she knows that is where the soul finds its deepest refreshment.

Seattle, we in Chicago are sad to see a piece of sunshine go. Her move from the 312 will even bring the walls to feel sadness. We all will be a puzzle missing a piece.

Sonja, you have touched so many lives – across apartment spaces, across coffee counters, across tables – and that particular puzzle piece cannot be replaced. Just know that your teeny-tiny time with Allie and me has been so cherished. Though this statement is over-said, please know that you are truly a blessing to know. You will be so missed.

The lump in my throat says so.

Goodbye, Sunshine.

Mal, Rebecca, Sonja, me, Ashley, Allie
Mallory, Rebecca, Sonja, Me, Ashley, Allie – 5.26.13

2 thoughts on “Goodbye, Sunshine.”

  1. This is truly beautiful. Your words exude such much vulnerability and life, you’ve made my eyes watery. You are right about one thing, chicago is definately loosing a sweet soul filled with so much sunshine that cant help but beam and glow into the lives of others. I am going to miss Sonja so much. xoxoxox I love you Sonja!!

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