Six Shades

All I’m asking for is a little bit of patience
As all I’m trying to do is get through this puzzle
It isn’t so much about finding the outer pieces
As it is about filling the spaces within
I just keep wondering why this piece doesn’t fit that piece
Because it fit for a second
But ultimately did not belong
Which called for another search party within the pieces

I keep calling it quits because the frustration is just too overwhelming
Have you ever put together a puzzle of six shades of blue?
I didn’t think so
Daunting. Overwhelming. Annoying.

I’m finding the mesh of pieces is causing great harm
So I back out of the move, yet again, and apologize

Over and over and over and over

I guess all I want is just completion
And I guess I’m just asking for a little bit of patience
As I find out why it’s such a process to fill the within

But I guess I know it isn’t about completion
It’s about the daunting, overwhelming, annoying process
Of why the mesh is really just this little way of letting me know
It isn’t about the six shades of blue, more than it is about

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