No Matter The Cost

It can literally feel like iron sharpening iron. Yes, love can feel like this. The personalities that love takes on never mean any harm, but it can sure that way some days. There is this sense of discovering self while learning to love with these personalities of love; the molding of a heart is bound to be a little more painful than expected. But when the pain subsides, isn’t love explosive? Like the song of a bird at the start of spring. Or like the view of a mountain in the distance – there is an overwhelming sense of humility in the face of something so grand, so finite. Wherever and however, this molding will take place, and I will have to choose to bend and break with it, no matter the cost. Because there was once a Man who risked it all for me, and He is here asking me to do the same for my neighbor. And what can it say about the One who created that birdsong I hear and that mountain I see? It must mean that that Love is beyond comparison to these. It must mean that the iron must hit the iron to form our birdsong and mountains within.

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