Pieces Recommend And Why

There are few posts on the internet that truly move me. Outside the many kitten GIFs that BuzzFeed so easily provides, I have found written pieces that left my heart in a disoriented state – I was heartbroken by the situation, but joyful in their triumph. I could only imagine the type of bravery it took to write their story and press “Post” for the world to begin its ever-parading view.

There is Madonna Badger’s piece on her lifelong recovery from the tragedy of losing her children to house fire. Or there is Ariel Levy’s vivid recount of an unexpected miscarriage. These are two stories that have affected me on a level that makes me want to turn off my computer screen and contemplate everything that really matters.

Today, I came across another one of these types of pieces. Under the pseudonym William Warwick, Gawker posted one of the bravest posts I’ve ever read. “William” took the controls of the internet and flipped it. The bravery behind what was said in regards to Woody Allen stems from the fact that no one – really, besides Jesus himself – could truly, without hesitation, be convinced that some of those we dub as ‘monsters’ have pasts that echo of the same pain they are also inflicting. Obviously never acknowledged, evil is born.

I highly recommend all of these pieces. Each of these bears witness that we are not created to bubble wrap our pain and secrets, but rather share with a hope that it is received and affirmed upon delivery. Because we never know the “me too” that could be waiting on the other side.

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