40 Days

I opened the year with a prayer, asking to be shown what it means to grow deeper with Jesus; seeking to be stretched in ways that could potentially be a little messy and a little risky. Thus far, I have sought to see the life of Jesus and the importance of what the Cross really means. For the past three months, I truly feel like the Spirit has guided me to the significance of what He did on the Cross, and how, ultimately, His death and resurrection has ushered me into this very moment.

In entering this season of Lent, I am reflecting on the very words I wrote in February of 2013, trying to remember what was gained in those moments of intentionality, and asking myself where I was in this becoming journey. This year, I have decided to forgo all aspects of social media (I gave this up three days before my birthday. This shall be telling…), and to use the time that I would put towards perusing into writing. I want to challenge myself to write for 40 days straight, because I know how much I feel connected to His Spirit while writing. I want to use these 40 days for something more than just that challenge. I want to sit down with a cup of tea, light a pine scented candle beside a lamp, and charge my thoughts onto here.

So, while I’m technically a day late, I hope to write on subjects that have invaded my mind, write the lines that come at just the right moments.

For today:

Stretching, breathing
This is the light entering the darkened tunnel
Bending, blinding
This is the transformed interior
Moving, arriving
This is His entrance


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