In regards to being born

Yes, in regards to being born 25 years ago today, I must say … what an adventure! If life were merely a line to be traced, with Post-It notes layering all that has occurred, I think I would be surprised to find how peaceful I would feel as I ran my hands over every single note. In retrospect, all of what would be considered regret can only be things that have redeemed this storyline. How good it is to serve a grace-giving, forgiving, kind God.

Another interesting thing about today, is the fact that I gave up all of social media for Lent. I am finding that I would rather receive text messages and phone calls from people who are closest to me, rather than the artificial “Happy Birthday Because Facebook Says So!” There is a very sincere moment in the receipt of these kind words from family and friends that make me realize how simple life could (and should) be. This deactivation of sorts is teaching me just how dependent I am on that artificial affirmation from others. Now I’m asking myself why I need these little things to make me feel special. Isn’t it enough to be loved by a good God? Isn’t it enough to feel that extra bit of warmth from my closest community?

As for these 25 years, I would have to say it is enough. It will always be enough. I am thankful for another year to close out, and another to look forward to. My 24th year held so many treasured moments, and my hope is that my 25th even exceeds my expectations. My prayer is to grow deeper, love better (this isn’t as cliché as it seems; I know I could love better) and to know that being connected to the Vine means that I have a source greater than I could ever imagine. Life is beautiful.

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