Oh, Writing

It has been over a week since I have said that I would be intentional with my writing, and it has been over a week that I have not been intentional with my writing. What I realized was, instead of writing on here,  I was really needing to focus on the importance of writing in my personal journal.

This past week brought on more self-revelations – sometimes, should be broken thought patterns never quite go to sleep – and no amount of blog posts could have possibly served as an aide of light, but rather honest conversations with friends did. I fear that if I did take it to here, it would have been a clumsy attempt to look brave and daring. In reality, it would be a mess of a mind that could only be described in one word: pathetic.

All this to say, I know how badly I do want to find a consistency in writing. Not only is it therapeutic to make a maze of words, but there is very much a spiritual component, too. Whether I write on here or in my journal, I am hopeful for this Lenten season to be one of quiet growth.

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