So far

Since being off of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for this Lenten season, I honestly still have not seen some significant internal change. I still have urges to scroll through photos or read updates or post meaningless statuses. I assume it is a bit of accomplishment to reach two weeks without folding and giving up. Overall, this does say something about my addiction to affirmation and/or need to feel updated about everything. single. thing.

What I have chosen to do instead is upload my little moments on here. So far, I’ve cut all of my hair off, celebrated my birthday in Indianapolis with Brendan’s mom and dad (his mom’s birthday is March 9th), and in Chicago with my best friends and family, and celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in the city, with the city.

Brendan’s mom bought me this BEAUTIFUL necklace as a birthday present
Howl At The Moon with my parents and Brendan for my birthday celebration
Chicago St. Patrick's Day - Green Dye and all
Chicago St. Patrick’s Day – green dye and all
Green on Green
When Chicago parties… it doesn’t mess around.

So far, this new year of life has been a blast. I have recognized the areas that I need to grow in; to be a better human being. I have seen the hand of Jesus working so beautifully in my relationships, and I’m just so excited.

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