Finally, a restful weekend

This past weekend was exactly what I needed. I spent Friday night lighting the floor of Kingston Mines aflame with too many two-steps, hops, and skips. Proof of this followed in the morning with a sassy photo of yours truly. Saturday was a too-perfect brunch, a quiet bookstore mosey, and a coffee shop sitting with my favorite guy.

I bought a new Steinbeck book, Cannery Row, and sipped on juice from a mason jar as I dove into it. Every once and awhile, I would look up and watch Brendan as he listened to some doctor talk about doctor things. He’s just so cute. We later ended up at a bar to watch the Final Four games, with others joining. The games ended in a very audible disappointment, but it was nonetheless fun to be among friends and fried food.


Sunday was, as most are, refreshing. Jarrett spoke on the power of Jesus and the joy of life after a resurrection – literal in the case of Lazarus and figurative in our spiritual awakenings with Him. As repetitious as this sounds, I’m loving this Lenten season. Soaking in the reminders of His struggle and His great power are necessary.


Last night, I inadvertently went to bed at 8:40pm on the dot. While grocery shopping, I felt the urge to sit down in the produce aisle and fall sleep. Apparently, as at rest as I thought I was, the eleven hours of total sleep was still needed.

I official feel fully rested now.

It is just in time for a burst of excitement for a weekend in Waupaca, Wisconsin.

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