The Sweetest Hellos

After seeing buds on trees this morning, I’m thinking of what Heaven must be like. I wonder if it’s the first day of spring every single day there. Where trees are beginning their bloom and flowers from the depths of soil hear the Heavenly call to come forth.

As one who lives more winter than spring, I wonder why we encounter this coldness, all just a season before spring. Surely winter cannot be a season in Heaven, but maybe it is the great mystery of our humanity here on Earth. Our spiritual lives, apart from this Magnificent Spring, is a long, desperate winter. Even as we attempt to look for warmth from every resource, we still lack. Winter helps our bodies remember the depths of humanity before Christ. But we look forward to the promise that is ahead – a life of restored warmth and security in a rainfall to renew our external and internal tundras.

Perhaps we have summers and falls for these very same reasons here on Earth. Summer is the communal, seemingly perfect host to us. However, on some days, we feel its grip; its tightening from the beating sun. So, we begin to look forward to fall … a coolness that eases us into the hallow parts of winter.

I think of Psalm 23, when it says how the Lord leads us beside lush pastures – not snow-covered, heat dried, dying pastures – lush pastures. This is why I dare to dream it could be the first day of spring, all day, everyday in the heavens.

As long as I am on this Earth, I hope to hold onto the message these little buds scream: in the tiniest “Hellos!” they are giving us a message from a Place, a Home, that says, “Just wait.”

1 thought on “The Sweetest Hellos”

  1. I love how the rhythm of the seasons points us to Christ. Death, Rebirth… the themes of the Gospel are alive to our senses! I just hope it’s summer all day every day in heaven instead of spring! 😉

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