Lord, I hope so. 

While sitting on the bus this morning, my mind felt like it was running rampant. I tried focusing on the scripture in front of me (Galatians 6), but still had a sense of urgency and rush. Suddenly, I had a picture of myself sitting on the porch of a friends’ cabin in Wisconsin. Even just thinking of that very moment, I had a physical peace come over me. I figured it was time for me to be intentional about finding rest among the restless busyness. I wholeheartedly believe I was given that moment to reflect on what rest feels like for me … a silent peace that strikes the core of my soul; one that reaches for what Heaven could be. 

Out of those thoughts, came this on my bus ride:

I’d like to think
it’s the first day of spring
everyday in Heaven

Where the buds
begin their opening dance
and the momma bird is
teaching her song
on repeat

And everyone is walking
at a turtles pace

And no one is pressed
for time
for no deadline exists
because Heaven is

Or maybe Heaven is
a chilly morning in
Wisconsin. While you’re
sitting on a porch
covered in silence
beneath a blanket with a
pocket for your toes
Warm coffee battles
the chill, but this
is no bother

A small part of me
thinks it’s about the peace –
the shalom – felt in these
particular moments.

My soul begs, “Is this what heaven

Lord, I hope so.
I do.

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