I figured I would write this all out while it still feels like I’m living in an alternate universe. I really wanted to share the story of Saturday, because Brendan and our friends put SO much work and effort into making our dream come true. This blog post serves as a giant Thank You to all that participated by sending a video, showing up, and ultimately celebrating us. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and joy knowing that we got to do this all alongside you.

October 10, 2015 felt like any other day. I had a two hour family photo shoot with ever-wonderful Bergstresser’s around the city, and then I met up with B at a coffee shop. Since starting school, I have homework (what feels like) due every day. So, while I was unnervingly hammering out another paper, B was nervously reading a book (he said this was restlessness).

After that, I had dinner plans with my roommate/best friend, Allie, and a former roommate, Mallory. By this point, I just knew something was up. Mallory asked to have a girls night, but she just got married two weeks before. Whatever, right? Anyway, Allie and I got ready and met up with Mallory at The Beetle. Shortly after arriving and ordering a drink, Allie stated that we were there for different reasons other than dinner. Suspicions: Confirmed!

But what I did not expect was this book being pulled out by Allie …

She took this out of a little conspicuous backpack she had with her, and told me to open it up. I read the first page and started to cry, asking, “Is this serious?” over and over. Brendan had written out how he knows my love for my friends, so before anything happens, he is leading me on an adventure throughout the city. With my girl Allie as my chauffeur.

At the bottom of each page, a short riddle led to a new location where other friends would be waiting for me to celebrate.

Cue the last scene of Big Fish … and tears.

We quickly finished our drinks and I read the first clue that led me to Star Lounge. It is where I met my sprint triathlon friends and teammates, Ashley and Jayme, as well as Rebecca over FaceTime.

We (quickly) chatted over coffee. I am still in awe of being so sweetly celebrated by these friends.

The next clue led me to Old Oak Tap, another favorite of ours. When I walked up, I saw Scott, Jes and Dave.

They were so fun and had ordered me a margarita. I think this helped calm my nerves, but did not help the excessive crying that began. These friends sat around and talked about meeting me and knowing me over the years.

Next, Allie and I headed out towards the next answer: Stan’s Donuts.

I really did not know who to expect, but I thought it was probably Brendan’s sister, Katelyn. Lo and behold, both of his sisters and brother-in-law were sitting there. Again, excessive crying. I was so excited to see Meghan and Rob, because that means they made the drive in for this!

This stop was filled with a lot of adventure. They had a box of doughnuts that also held questions beneath them. If I got one right, I got to give a doughnut away along with the task. If I got them wrong, I had to do the task given to me.

So, um, I lost a lot? I ended up doing 10 push-ups on the floor of a doughnut shop and telling a stranger that I liked an article of clothing that he was not wearing. I did, however, confirm that it was OK to still marry their brother even though I got numerous questions wrong about his childhood. Ehhh.

After this, the next clue led me to Myopic Books. My most favorite bookstore, and the bookstore that I took B to on our first date. Had to see how he held up in a bookstore, ya know?

I walked upstairs to find a really dear friend to B and me. Nathan was sitting at a table, ready to talk. I sat down and he talked for a long time, saying incredibly kind things that I will forever cherish. He then prayed over me and we walked back out.

This is where I started to get all the good nerves. The next clue was leading me to the place that B and I first met; a place that has meant so much to us as individuals and a couple over the years.

I was heading towards Soul City Church for The Moment.

I had to pee so badly at this point that I was praying he wasn’t standing at the front door. Thankfully, he wasn’t, so I got a pee break before The Moment happened.

When I walked into the sanctuary, I was STUNNED. It was beautifully decorated and I was overwhelmed with joy. I started crying. He started crying. I walked towards him and we just cried together.

And then …

We both have waited for this, and I always thought my response would be, “Yes. A thousand times, yes.” Because who doesn’t want to quote Pride and Prejudice in such a moment? But what no one has told me before is just how surreal it all is. I was so happy to be his that it didn’t matter how it came out.

I then kept asking if the ring was “For real?” because, my goodness. Not a thousand diamond rings could compare to this beauty he created.

After toasting to the moment and laughing, B called for the girls to come in. Turns out, he asked them to create something for the moment and, oh, they created. Britt and Ruthie created a masterpiece to be forever remembered.

I was so happy to be with them in celebration, too!

After we left the church, we went back to our favorite bar, The Beetle, where everyone was waiting. It was such a celebration and a testament to the fact that we have the most incredible and loving friends. Our arrival was captured so well by Sara.

Saturday was the most perfect day. I know we both could not have asked for a better story to have for our engagement. We got to include family and friends, and that means so much.

We love you all. We thank you for making October 10, 2015 so special.

3 thoughts on “10.10.15”

  1. So beautiful! Tears of happiness abound. LOVE how special it is that you moment happened in that sacred room. ONLY GOD!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing! What an incredible and beautiful day to represent a loving, faithful and God filled relationship. So happy for you both!

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