Seattle + Portland

Since getting engaged, Brendan and I have been on a whirlwind of travel. We got engaged on Saturday and by Wednesday we were on our much-anticipated planned trip to Seattle and Portland. We had decided to take a week to be blissfully engaged, not even bringing up wedding planning details. It helped that we were going to be quite literally removed from our city for five of the seven days.

We planned this trip to Portland last year when our friends Derek and Teala got engaged. They live in Portland and we even stayed with them on our visit last year. Brendan and I were so excited to get back! But first, we decided to explore Seattle. Both of us had never been and knew it was only a three hour drive to Portland from there. We arrived in Seattle and walked around (and up and down) exploring this (confusing*) city:

IMG_8242 IMG_8243 IMG_8248 IMG_8253 IMG_8259

IMG_8268 IMG_8269 IMG_8272 IMG_8279 IMG_8289 IMG_8292 IMG_8299

IMG_8320 IMG_8352 IMG_8361 IMG_8363 IMG_8365 IMG_8369

*What made Seattle so confusing was the city it felt like it kept attempting to be. Does that make sense? It just felt … strange.

We were also told to check out Capitol Hill in Seattle, because “it’s just like Bucktown.” Later, B and I chuckled, because the stranger who gave us such advice really meant Boystown.

IMG_8371 IMG_8373 IMG_8375 IMG_8377 IMG_8382 IMG_8387 IMG_8390 IMG_8394 IMG_8395 IMG_8397 IMG_8398 IMG_8400

Overall, Seattle was so full of vibrant color from their change in the season. It was also full of Sonja! So glad I got to see that sweet girl.

Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset

At around 7PM PST (important to note) we decided to take our drive to Portland. Well, 7PM was really 9PM for us, and I have zero photos of our drive to Portland. This is due to the fact that I fell asleep, leaving a tired B at the wheel. I would dizzily wake up and encourage B that he was doing great … and fall right back asleep. We arrived at 10PM PST, but our body translated that as 12PM CST. Whoops.

When we finally woke up, we realized we were in the tiniest of homes. It was simplicity at its finest. It was one room that held everything we needed. I should also mention that the owners lived right outside of our door, and upon meeting the owner, she was on her porch in a robe brushing her cat on a recliner.

The cat was later found by our car door, sitting in leaves (iPhone)
Processed with VSCOcam with g2 preset
Truly precious. (iPhone)

We then ventured out for our first hike at Mt. Tabor.


This was also a little area for dogs to roam courageously free
This was also a little area for dogs to roam courageously free

IMG_8416 IMG_8419 IMG_8423 IMG_8424 IMG_8432

IMG_8459 IMG_8464 IMG_8477 IMG_8481 IMG_8484 IMG_8486 IMG_8489

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

After our hike, we decided to stop in quaint and historical Hawthorne District. We ate a delicious lunch at Harlow’s and perused Powell’s Bookstore.

Powell's! (iPhone)
Powell’s! (iPhone)
Harlow's (iPhone)
Harlow’s (iPhone)

We absolutely adore this side of town. There is something so communal and unique about Hawthorne District.

Afterward, we drove out to Forest Park. As we made our way up winding streets, we were really captured by the neighborhood. Houses were planted on hills and couples were out with their children on a walk. Finally, we reached the entrance to the park.

IMG_8492 IMG_8493 IMG_8496 IMG_8500 IMG_8528
IMG_8528 IMG_8540

IMG_8511 IMG_8518 IMG_8531 IMG_8532 IMG_8543 IMG_8545

We hiked until dusk and excitedly got back in the car. The future held one of our favorite places to eat: Lardo’s. Both of us highly recommend this place if you ever visit Portland!

The next morning (Friday), B and I were headed out of the Hawthorne District of Portland and into St. John’s, where the wedding was being held. We said goodbye to our sweet cat lady/host and packed the car. Our first stop, though, was Mirror Lake at Mt. Hood!

Mirror Lake is a hidden gem. It’s about a 45-50 minute hike up and then you are met with a beautiful, round Lake in the middle of the woods.

IMG_8563 IMG_8574 IMG_8575 IMG_8579 IMG_8588 IMG_8593

What I adored most about this trip was our evenings. We took the time to go over our highs and our lows from the day. Mine seemed to be reiterated day-by-day. I loved being able to walk side-by-side with B through the woods. We did not have to talk the entire time, but we explored together. We would giggle at the silliest things and run out of breath at the same time. There is something about exploring together that is sweetly intimate.

Once we hiked back down from Mirror Lake, we took a drive over to Trillium Lake! One of our favorites from when we visited last year.


With our hiking adventures over, we headed towards St. John’s. What we arrived to was our newest Airbnb stay: a converted garage.

That little green guy was for us
That little green guy was for us (iPhone)

Again, it was super cute to stay somewhere so simplistic. Plus, we had Netflix there!

Saturday, we planned to meet up with friends in downtown Portland and did just that. It was the day of the wedding, so it felt quick. Derek and Teala’s wedding was great. It was really beautiful to see how much each of their friends adore them as a couple.

Seattle and Portland surely treated us well. B and I enjoyed being able to get away from the city and being immersed in nature. It was so needed for us.

Now, the wedding planning has been in full gear. Here’s to this new, exciting season!

He's my lobster.
He’s my lobster.

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