Mighty and Tender

What if we are witnesses to the cracks? The cracks that have long been formed and forming in the American god. Though slow and too steady, the cracks have grown wide in length and are finally showing depth. What if what we are participating in is the great awakening, in both heart and mind, soul and spirit? Where once these parts of ourselves were considered foreign, even naive, they’ve undergone growth in a whole new way. Perhaps we are watching the conservative and liberal placeholders on our Christian labels fall away. Replaced by different sets of identities that set ideologies in their proper place. It is an ideology giving 20/20 vision, sparking and igniting what we have missed all along: humanity whole and holy.

But, for now, it’s the steady beating of chisel on the stone of the American god built in the image of a white man. The beating sounds of protesting and phones ringing and a fierce outrage. After all, this stone has stood for far too long in the place of what should be — maybe a tree and its humble act of providing coverage for all who need shade. Or maybe of an endless fountain for those who thirst. Whatever it is, its presenting to us the light yoke. An image both tall and small. Both mighty and tender.


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