Tupperware on the ‘L’

I’m on the ‘L’
Watching a guy try to balance
His Tupperware from a hearty lunch
He must have had
Feeling a little too much like that fine balance
As I listen to Jack’s Mannequin
And acknowledge it’s early 2000s music era
Seeing my adolescent self walk the grounds
Of a new high school in Florida
Completely unaware, still unsure
Of how to market myself in this new place
Shit, that age, it goes by at a snails pace
And, on the other side, so fast
Adolescence is the trickiest catch-22
And now I sit on a train in Chicago
29 weeks pregnant
Don’t even get me started on metabolism
OK, right….
Wow — so fast
And I’m just doing everything I can to avoid
That tumble of Tupperware-like feelings





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