Holy Week (1)


It is officially the start of Holy Week. If I’m honest, I’ve barely taken the time to acknowledge this Lenten season. I was not intentional about giving up something tangible or even my time. If I did some conscience digging, I’m sure to find an excuse layered in new motherhood and the happiness that Instagram and Netflix bring me as a time to distract myself. But this week I want to be different. I want to be intentional about my approach, and that starts with deleting my greatest, finger-happy vice: Instagram.

Often, my processing and deep thinking needs to be written out. I thought about that this morning on my walk to work. I also thought about how Jesus began his own walk forward, one foot in front of the other. I wondered…

How was his breathing? Was it labored or soft? Knowing all that was ahead, did every step mean so much more? Other than the sounds of people, did he pay attention to what nature was saying? Nature, being so infused with the Christ mystery, I am certain even the ground he walked along felt the intensity of every moment.

The week contains such an interesting juxtaposition of events. Understanding time was now limited, did he feel so much more serious in his teachings in the temple? And with the twelve men that were with him day-in and day-out and the women in his inner-circle? These were my thoughts as I took my own walk in the melting snow on a sunny spring day.

I hope to see the Christ mystery this week as I shift my mind, heart, and body toward the realization that his last week on Earth represented this very holy notion:“Jesus is not changing his Father’s mind about us; he is changing our mind about what is real and what is not.”


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