Holy Week (3)

The headline I read this morning still brings me a mix of rage and deep sadness:

Trump attorney general’s ruling expands indefinite detention for asylum seekers

“Indefinite detention” as in, we — the most developed country in the world — have the power and capability to hold others against their will. Of course, we don’t have to look any further than Guantanamo Bay, but this is a shocking reminder that this country continues to disregard the sacredness of humanity.

After I read that in bed this morning, I kept asking myself how anyone could allow this to happen. How dark and dead is the heart of someone to even fathom the idea? And how much more evil is the person to sign it into action? What strikes me the most obscene is how this breaks during Holy Week; a week where Christians claim our eyes and attention are on the One who sought asylum from birth. And today we remember Jesus was betrayed by Judas.

As I questioned the character and spirit of people (it takes an entire administration to back such hate policies), I think the Spirit tenderly reminded me that it is hard for even the goodhearted human spirit to even fathom the atrocities that happen overseas. There lies a chasm in trying to understand the hardships faced by those who seek a better life, because we have it so easy. This, of course, excuses no one’s behavior for detaining human beings.

So, today as I reflect, I remember those who find their bed in a cage-like warehouse. I remember how Jesus asked three disciples to keep watch as he went to pray the hardest prayers he would ever speak. And how in that time Jesus was away, they took their eyes “off the road.” May I keep my eyes and ears always open and ready. May I be aware of the anguish Jesus felt as he knew he was about to become the greatest sacrifice.


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