Ordinary Moments

“There will always be an aide worker holding an orphan; a friend sitting with another friend in their addiction or sadness [… ]Regular moments of Resurrection are still happening.”

I am paraphrasing, but that was spoken at church on Sunday. To me, I read “regular” as “ordinary” in this context. It was a service filled with undeniable truths on the paradox of religion. That dichotomy that exists when we claim things are good or bad; evil or pure. We were reminded that, actually, the world has always been in a state of chaos, and the grey that exists in these spaces is actually a goodness.

From the Christian Crusades to the Irish potato famine to Make America Great Again, the dips of utter horror in history have never truly gone away. Neither has the goodness that has fought it, too. I could feel a peace in the great truth that sits behind the curtain: evil has never prevailed. The goodness and faithfulness of the generations before us have always kept us in what scripture refers to as creation groans and suffers the pains of childbirth together until now.” The peacemakers and protestors and humble have paved a way and we are called to follow in it.

After giving birth, I understand this so much more. I entered a space that so many women have been before; I knew I was not alone during each painful contraction. This idea of universal connectedness throughout time is so encouraging to my soul, as well as the truth that evil has not won the day nor will it.

Instead, it is the constant and consistent reminder that Jesus meant what he said to “Take up your Cross is follow Me.” In the act of carrying My Cross, I am called to a death to my ego — the one that wants to rage and drop the word “fuck” every time I see something so horrific. The death that follows when I choose another way, though, is not permanent! I, too, am resurrected.

While there is nothing wrong with anger, what does my anger accomplish? How can I instead enter into the space of Spiritual Realms — that unseen energy of trust in what Is and what can Be? It’s my struggle. Whoa to thee in the Anger Triad.

Friends, regular or ordinary moments of resurrection are our greatest Hope. I wish there was a way to reveal what’s in my chest; it is an excitement and renewed feeling.  The way we show up for each other now is what it means to bring Heaven here. There is no other way to live or breathe or Be.

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