Holy Week (1)

It is officially the start of Holy Week. If I'm honest, I've barely taken the time to acknowledge this Lenten season. I was not intentional about giving up something tangible or even my time. If I did some conscience digging, I'm sure to find an excuse layered in new motherhood and the happiness that Instagram… Continue reading Holy Week (1)


Healthy Skepticism: Church Edition

If you know me well, you know I can walk into any room and tell you what's wrong with it or how I would have done things. This isn't a trait I'm particularly proud of either. I tell you this because it isn't skepticism I'm showing -- it's pure judgment of how I believe something… Continue reading Healthy Skepticism: Church Edition

What does Religious Freedom/Liberty Mean For Us Today?

Until recently, my understanding and curiosity of religious freedom/liberty (they’re used interchangeably, yes?) was nothing more than a few eyebrow raises and lines of “Hmm, strange.” But then I found myself on a phone call with a well-informed woman who knew her history. She broke down the history of religious freedom/liberty in the US, and… Continue reading What does Religious Freedom/Liberty Mean For Us Today?