The Hypocrisy of Evangelicals

I have wanted to start writing this blog entry for some time now, but I kept stalling. I didn't know where to start, really. It's enough to turn on the news each day and think, "There's a headline to go with!" ... but then another one turns up and then there's too many to count.… Continue reading The Hypocrisy of Evangelicals


Tupperware on the ‘L’

I’m on the 'L' Watching a guy try to balance His Tupperware from a hearty lunch He must have had Feeling a little too much like that fine balance As I listen to Jack’s Mannequin And acknowledge it’s early 2000s music era Seeing my adolescent self walk the grounds Of a new high school in… Continue reading Tupperware on the ‘L’

What does Religious Freedom/Liberty Mean For Us Today?

Until recently, my understanding and curiosity of religious freedom/liberty (they’re used interchangeably, yes?) was nothing more than a few eyebrow raises and lines of “Hmm, strange.” But then I found myself on a phone call with a well-informed woman who knew her history. She broke down the history of religious freedom/liberty in the US, and… Continue reading What does Religious Freedom/Liberty Mean For Us Today?