Holy Week (4)

As I read through Jesus' capture, what struck me the most had nothing to do with Jesus. It had to do with Judas. I think it's so easy to skim over and move forward with the narrative, but Judas hanged himself. We have the act of suicide in scripture. Before Jesus was even nailed to… Continue reading Holy Week (4)

Holy Week (3)

The headline I read this morning still brings me a mix of rage and deep sadness: Trump attorney general's ruling expands indefinite detention for asylum seekers "Indefinite detention" as in, we -- the most developed country in the world -- have the power and capability to hold others against their will. Of course, we don't… Continue reading Holy Week (3)

What does Religious Freedom/Liberty Mean For Us Today?

Until recently, my understanding and curiosity of religious freedom/liberty (they’re used interchangeably, yes?) was nothing more than a few eyebrow raises and lines of “Hmm, strange.” But then I found myself on a phone call with a well-informed woman who knew her history. She broke down the history of religious freedom/liberty in the US, and… Continue reading What does Religious Freedom/Liberty Mean For Us Today?