Burn It All Down

If you have ever weaned off any kind of SSRI (Lexapro, Prozac, etc.), you're familiar with the body "shocks" that occur. They are unpredictable and incredibly uncomfortable; like an out-of-body experience that lasts .3 seconds. Eventually, the shocks fade and the body finds its balance. The time it takes to find balance, though, can feel… Continue reading Burn It All Down


We, The Angry.

"Faced with an outrage, anger is the price we pay for paying attention. It is the rage that ought to come out, because, when faced with an outrage, it is a sin not to be angry." - Allen Dwight Callahan Many, many, many years ago, I dated a guy who convinced me that my anger was… Continue reading We, The Angry.

My Year of Spiritual Disciplines Practice

It has been a full year now since I began the act of intentionally setting aside each morning to practice a spiritual discipline. What felt most comfortable for me was meditation, silence, and contemplation. During this year of setting my alarm earlier than usual, I learned much more than I could ever adequately describe on… Continue reading My Year of Spiritual Disciplines Practice